Nilgiri Hill Resort

Data last verified by December 1, 2021
Nilgiri Hill Resort

Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful place in Bangladesh. Surrounded by beautiful hilly natural views and clouds most of the time. An esthetic place for enjoying serenity with ultimate relaxation away from city boredom.You will find yourself in the embrace of the clouds. Its located in Thansi Upozilla in Bandarban district which is lies 48 km away from the Bandarban town. There is beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintained by Bandarban Officers Club sister concern of Bangladesh Army . Booking is done through 69 Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Bandarban Cantoment. There are five well furnished cottages ranging from Tk.5000-12000. There are also three tents having 4 beds each @2500 per tent. Foreign tourist will be restricted there.


Location/Address: Headquarter 69 Infantry Brigade, Bandarban Cantonment, Bandarban

Phone/Mobile: +8801769299999, +8801769245500
Book Now: +8801769245500