Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels

Compared to other five star hotels in Bangladesh, Westin Hotels and Resorts is a new entrant, located in Gulshan. However, guests have seen the value it provides and started reciprocating with their praise.

This young hotel has already been acclaimed by the international guests. The hotel is located in the business district, yet, closer to the shopping and relaxation areas around the city. This hotel specializes in its signature rooms, beds and bathrooms, which are designed keeping the customer’s comfort in mind.

In addition to the stay facilities, this hotel also offers number of business and travel related services such as digital connectivity services, collaboration suites, tourists’ packages, wellness facilities and so on. State of the art design and high class service are the highlights of this hotel.

Location/Address: Main Gulshan Avenue, Plot-01, Road 45, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

Phone/Mobile: +880 2-9891988