Epic Health Care

Epic Health Care

Epic Health Care is the best health care in Chattogram, Bangladesh, confidently providing comprehensive diagnostic health care services. These services are provided by expert medical professionals, skilled technologists using state-of-the-art technology. The mission of Epic Health Care is to provide high quality international standard diagnostic healthcare which will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the people of Bangladesh.

The Epic Health Care will contribute to excellent patient care by providing comprehensive, high quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation doctors’ service. This mission is supported by innovative research and new test development, exceptional customer service, continuous quality improvement in Health Care

To provide Authentic & Quality Medical Diagnostic Test Report to patients institutionally, Regionally and nationally. To establish a referral medical institute fulfilling the need of challenges to Quality Health Care” To provide the highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients institutionally, regionally and nationally.

Contact Info

  •  21 19, K. B. Fazlul Kader Road Chittagong, Bangladesh
  •   0241355700, 0241355701, 0241355702, 0241355703, 02
  • info@epichcl.com

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